Daycare Guidelines  

Bordetella, Distemper & Rabies vaccinations.

Fecal Exam every 12 months

Flea/Tick Prevention

Spayed or neutered by 8 mo 

Must pass temperment testing and play well with others!

 Our boarding facility can accommodate play dates. Join us for doggie daycare. We'll provide lots of activities and a safe place for happy, social dogs to play, swim and exercise. Our Daycare is offered to existing and new clients based on availability. If your pup needs romping sessions with pals at an amazing facility please give us a call to chat or fill out the Registration form! 

  • Drop off 8am - 10am. Pick up between 3pm - 5pm. No later. 
  • Monday - Thursday only. Fridays are full. 
  • Existing clients please use Reservations page, call, or email to schedule! New dogs must complete Registration form.
  • Play in 10,000 sq ft of outdoor romping space - 5 yards!
  • Turf yards! Soft on paws, keeps pups clean, yards easily santized!
  • Pack Leaders supervise play and other furry activities!
  • Daycare groups based on size & playstyle
  • In-ground pool and waterfall included in daycare service! 
  • Loving care from Canine CPR/First Aid certified staff! 
  • Add a Spa Treatment : Daycare + beauty bath & nails = 1 easy trip for you! 
  • Stay connected with Facebook/Instagram to see all the action! 

About BDI Daycare

Beggin' to become a Brown Dogger? Here's how to get started:

  • Call your Vet and confirm these 4 items: Bordetella, Rabies, Distemper & Neg Fecal Float within last 6 months. Email records to us. 

  • Complete our New Dogger Registration (CLICK HERE
  • We will contact you once Vet Records & Registration are received 
  • A Meet & Greet/Trial day will be scheduled! (based on availability)
  • Reserve your spot. Booking is limited and based on boarding guests.

  • Be sure to read our "Information" page from head to tail! 
  • It's that easy!
Splash around! 
Relax & Make Friends!
Come Join Our Pack!

Make a Spa Appointment! 
5 Magical Yards!

This option is best for new folks here to shop and enjoy Freeport, as it allows us to waive the trial appointment. This option includes a private space for the day as well as access to the playgroups once it is determinded they are suitable for play! We welcome newcomers! *Must be up to date on all vaccines. (BASED ON AVAILABILITY; Holiday seasons are usually booked up, so plan ahead!)

 per day

Daycare Rates

Shopper's Delight


Separation Anxiety
If your dog has separation anxiety we strongly urge you to use the services of a pet-sitter or house-sitter. Bringing a dog with true separation anxiety is not safe or kind for the dog, it is stressful for the other dogs being boarded, and you may incur extreme costs to replace/repair the physical damage that your dog does to the boarding facility. Your dog could also seriously injure themselves in attempts to escape the boarding facility.

Here’s a link which can help you decide if your dog has separation anxiety, and helpful information on how to deal with it

-A Scheduled drop off between 8am-10am, pick up 3pm-5pm, Mon-Thurs.

Registration AND Vet Records must be recieved PRIOR.

-Determines if your baby is ready to be in the pack.

$37 per dog. $60 for two dogs. 

What do we do?

-Temperment testing

Introductions to staff, play yards, & other seasoned dogs depending on comfort level

-Pool time! 

Pick out & try a room I may like for sleepovers

-Earn treats, make friends, exercise and partake in general merriment!

Take home a tired pup & leave with an honest report of your baby's first day as a BROWN DOGGER!!

More about our 

Meet & Greets / Trial Days

 per day

per day

Convenient! 2 stops in 1! Now taking new clients for GROOMING hair cuts! 

Happy Brown Dog Bunch!

Come cool those paws in the pool yard!!! 





BDI Daycare

Daycare is OPEN as of 3/16/20!

*$50 Non-social dogs - get own private suite & exercise throughout the day, access to pool!