Founded in 2008, has a simple mission and simple goals: provide care and find homes for surrendered pets and found animals, as well as offer education and support services to the public regarding the treatment of animals.

Here at Brown Dog, the success of our pet care operation depends upon the people caring for the dogs in our care. The pet’s well-being and comfort are always the number-one priority with our staff. We are all dog fanatics, ready to spoil your dog with unconditional love. We enjoy working together as a team to build a professional, positive, protective and happy environment. Our employee bios are proudly displayed in our doggie lobby because we value building relationships with families we will come to know over the years. It is our priviledge to be able to care for your babies from their puppy days into their golden years. We welcome you into our furry family and thank you for sharing your best friends with us!  XOXO

A Note from our pack to yours...

Tanya - Top dog, Innkeeper, Mother Hen & Snuggler!

Starla - Front End Manager & Grooms! Expert dog impersonator! 

Jack - Pack Leader

Dani - Fill in Reception, New Mommy to human baby!

Narrissa - Leader of the pack, tiny dog hoarder & Social Media. She's Tanya's human baby!!!

Coconut a.k.a. Brad Pitt - Resident Brown Dog & Lap Warmer

Abby- Pack Leader & Spa bath expert! She's an adventurer at heart!

Jen -  Pack leader, Office help, Dog walker, and loving Momma to our human packleader, Abby! 

Kirsten- Doggie Packleader and lover of all things equestrian! 

Roseanne- The best doggie pack leader of all time! She takes the cake with her Zen energy and best smile!

Victoria - Summertime Pack Leader, life guard on duty,  and official cutie! 

McKenna - Our grooviest Packleader & Head Doggie Surf Instructor at the BDI pool! 

Hayden- AKA the Cuddle Doctor! Make your appointment today! 

Erin - Office gal! 13 years of experience in dog care!! Weight-lifting champion - she's one tuff cookie! 

Andrew - Lawyer who traded in the 9-5. Now spends all day outside with your furry friends and runs the trails! Expert in Dog Law.