ADULT DOG - $47/NIGHT + daycare fee* on day of pick up only . ($75 for 2 dogs, $96 for 3 dogs, $118 for 4. Discounts only for dog families staying the same suite.)

Advanced Obedience Stay & Train - $2875. 21-25 days. OFF Leash Recall & Advanced Obedience, + price of E-collar* 

 Additional weeks - +$825 any program

•Up to 2 dogs from the same family can join the program at the same time; family cost is $3820 for 2 weeks + Cost of 2 dog e-collar 



ONLY STAY & TRAIN GRADUATE pups are eligible for these activities with the trainer:

-Structured DAYCARE - Come for the day, 8am-5pm, and enjoy safe socialization & work on skills. $69/day

-Structured BOARDING - Jump back into the routine, mental & physical exercise, and enjoy safe socialization while working on skills $96/night

-Treadmill work - fitness fun!$10/session

-Walk & Trains - Regular Boarding add on. Nature trail off leash. $25/hike

-Outdoor Adventure Trip - OFF CAMPUS trips with the trainer! Explore Downtown Freeport, parks, dog friendly spots, etc. while working on leash manners! $65/trip

-A la Carte Training Burst - Boarding add on. Specific issues, price tbd by trainer.

-20% off Private Lessons!

*Single dog e-collar ranges in price from $200-$290, depending on your dog's needs. Double dog mini educator, $330. 




Stay & TRAIN Add-ons

Stay & PLAY Add-ons

-Field Time! 1 on 1 playtime in our BRAND NEW 25,000 sq ft fenced in activity green space!!!! Chuck it, fetch, frisbee, romp with a friend. $10/session

-Pool time in the splash pool & waterfall! A MUST for all water lovers! $2/day

-Nature Walks - 1 on 1 ON CAMPUS leashed hikes on our 10 acre trail! $10/session 

-Cuddles - 1 on 1 session with a pack member for those who need a lap to and extra attention to fully relax! $5/session

-Spa Baths, Nails, Desheds $25 & up

-Medication - Injections, topicals, oral, ear and eye drops, $1 & up

Examples of pricing

1 nite stay, pick up between 8-11 is $62, pick up between 3-6 = $72.

4 nite, 5 day stay = $203 for am pick up, $213 for pm pick up. 

Basic Obedience Stay & Train - $2050 14-17 days. ON Leash & Basic Obedience. 

Puppy Program - $1025/7-10 days (Ages 14 weeks - 7 months) Introduction to Owner Engagement and Manners. Starting as pup saves you 20% compared to adult! 

 Reliable Recall Only- $1875/10-12 days. Off leash recall, no obedience. Enjoy off leash safety & freedom with your dog, no more chasing/bribing your dog to come inside. Low level E-collar is included! 

PUPPY - $57/NIGHT + daycare fee* on day of pick up only (under 13 months)
*Check out fee one day only, on day of pick up. $15 for AM pick up   OR   $25 for PM pick up