ADULT DOG - $47/NIGHT + daycare fee* on day of pick up only . ($75 for 2 dogs, $96 for 3 dogs, $118 for 4. Discounts only for dog families staying the same suite.)

Advanced Obedience Stay & Train - $2875. 21-25 days. OFF Leash Recall & Advanced Obedience, + price of E-collar* 

 Additional weeks - +$825 any program



ONLY STAY & TRAIN GRADUATE pups are eligible for these activities with the trainer:

-Structured DAYCARE - Come for the day, 8am-5pm, and enjoy safe socialization & work on skills. $69/day

-Structured BOARDING - Jump back into the routine, mental & physical exercise, and enjoy safe socialization while working on skills $96/night

-Treadmill work - fitness fun!$10/session

-Walk & Trains - Regular Boarding add on. Nature trail off leash. $25/hike

-Outdoor Adventure Trip - OFF CAMPUS trips with the trainer! Explore Downtown Freeport, parks, dog friendly spots, etc. while working on leash manners! $65/trip

-A la Carte Training Burst - Boarding add on. Specific issues, price tbd by trainer.




Stay & TRAIN Grads

Stay & PLAY Add-ons

-Field Time! 1 on 1 playtime in our BRAND NEW 25,000 sq ft fenced in activity green space!!!! Chuck it, fetch, frisbee, romp with a friend. $10/session

-Pool time in the splash pool & waterfall! A MUST for all water lovers! $2/day

-Nature Walks - 1 on 1 ON CAMPUS leashed hikes on our 10 acre trail! $10/session 

-Cuddles - 1 on 1 session with a pack member for those who need a lap to and extra attention to fully relax! $5/session

-Spa Baths, Nails, Desheds $25 & up

-Medication - Injections, topicals, oral, ear and eye drops, $1 & up

Examples of pricing

1 nite stay, pick up between 8-11 is $62, pick up between 3-6 = $72.

4 nite, 5 day stay = $203 for am pick up, $213 for pm pick up. 

Basic Obedience Stay & Train - $2050 14-17 days. ON Leash & Basic Obedience. 

Puppy Program - $1025/7-10 days (Ages 14 weeks - 7 months) Introduction to Owner Engagement and Manners. Starting as pup saves you 20% compared to adult! 

 Reliable Recall Only- $1875/10-12 days. Off leash recall, no obedience. Enjoy off leash safety & freedom with your dog, no more chasing/bribing your dog to come inside. Low level E-collar is included! 

PUPPY - $57/NIGHT + daycare fee* on day of pick up only (under 13 months)
*Check out fee one day only, on day of pick up. $15 for AM pick up   OR   $25 for PM pick up

!!!ANNOUNCEMENT!! We are full through 2019 are not scheduling new training dogs until further notice. Stay tuned as we are looking to expand our space in 2020!!!!  Thank you!  (Starting August 5, 2019.)