Guilt-free BOARDING

Fun ways to enhance any boarding stay:

Stay & PLAY  Activities

Field Time! Playtime in our BRAND NEW 25,000 sq ft fenced in activity green space!!!! Chuck it, fetch, frisbee, romp with a friend. $10/session

Pool time! Go splash in the pool & waterfall! A MUST for all water lovers! $2/day

Nature Walks! 1 on 1 on campus leashed hikes on our 10 acre trail! $10/session

Play Pals! Personalized 1 on 1 human aid to play and cuddle. Perfect for our non-social guests, older dogs, or those that need extra attention. *$25/all day long!

Cuddles! 1 on 1 session with a pack member for those who need a lap to and extra attention to fully relax! $10/session

Spa Day! Departure Baths, Nails, Desheds $40 & up.

Medication - Injections, topicals, oral, ear and eye drops, $1 & up.

PUPPIES (under 13 months)



$37 single pup, $60 for two dogs,

$60 for non-social dog. Includes private suite, plenty of exercise and pool access.

Upgrade daycare with Spa appointment! Beauty baths including nails, or just a nail filing. 

You may add on 1:1 nature hikes, field time or cuddles for +$10, or treats ($3-$5).  (Pool time is included in daycare each day! Woof yeah!) 

 Salon & Spa


Please call for breed specific bathing prices, ranging from $35 - $100 & up. Pedicures, $20.   

Spa appts may be added on to daycare playdate, or added on as a departure spa to boarding! Sorry, no outside clients or drop ins at this time. 

*Daycare fee one day only, on day of pick up. $15 for AM pick up   OR   $30 for PM pick up

**Multi-dog discounts only for dogs sleeping together & registered to same owner.

Examples of pricing

1 nite stay, pick up between 8-10 is $75, pick up between 3-5 = $90.

4 nite, 5 day stay = $255 for am pick up, $270 for pm pick up. 

1 dog  $60/NIGHT*

2 dogs $85/NIGHT**