Flea & Tick Prevention

Use of MONTHLY Flea/Tick preventative IS MANDATORY.  Any pet entering the Brown Dog facility MUST be free of external & internal parasites. Any pet found to have fleas while in the care of BDI shall be immediately quarentined, given the oral medication Capstar & have topical Frontline Plus applied. A Parasite fee of $225.00 shall then be charged to the pet owner & pick up is required immediately. Please be honest if your dog has known parasites and is currently being treated for anything like giardia or worms. 

Emergency Care

If your dog becomes ill while you are away, we will contact you and your veterinarian immediately.

In case of emergency during regular business hours, we will transport your dog to the nearest veterinary clinic. After hours and on-weekends, as needed, we will transport your dog to a 24 hour Veterinary Emergency Center. 


The BDI provides beds, blankets, water and food bowls for our guests. Please refrain from bringing belongings from home. Blankets and beds from home will be turned away! The BDI is not responsible for any lost or damaged items. We will make sure your pup is comfy-cozy and has everything they could ever want! 

Check In/Out Hours

 Brown Dog Inn
From Head To Tail!

Separation Anxiety

If your dog has separation anxiety we strongly urge you to use the services of a pet-sitter or house-sitter. Boarding a dog with separation anxiety is not safe or kind for the dog, it is stressful for the other dogs being boarded, and you may incur extreme costs to replace/repair the physical damage that your dog does to the boarding facility. Your dog could also seriously injure themselves in attempts to escape the boarding facility. Here’s a link which can help you decide if your dog has separation anxiety, and helpful information on how to deal with it.

We do not offer tours

We offered tours for more than 10 years. We are very proud of our facility and the outdoor space we have designed and created for optimal doggie bliss! We try our best to keep our guests calm and happy during their stays. We have an open concept facility and having several "strangers" walk through the eating, sleeping, and play areas each day causes our pups lots of undue stress. (Imagine strangers/children walking through your home each day, or your hotel room!) As a home and a business, open 365 days a year, we thank you for your understanding and respect. We have oodles of images of our dogs at play in and out, rooms and beds, staff, etc in the lobby for your perusal, not to mention lots and lots of facebook & Instagram photos to showcase the fun! CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO TOUR! 

How Does BDI deal with power outages?

Brown Dog is fortunate to have a monster of a generator that can power our ENTIRE facility with Heat, A/C, Hot & Cold water & ALL lights required to run our facility as “normal.” We do lose phone lines off and on, so some credit card processing may be limited. But rest assured, your pets are warm & cozy even when your power is out at home! We are ALWAYS willing to help out when you need a last minute emergency place to board your pet so if our phones are down, just stop by & we will do our best to help out.
During storms & power outages up to the hour updates can be found on our FACEBOOK PAGE.


If it's important, please bring it! Medication should be in original container, is labeled and clear dosage instructions are included. (Name, dosage, time, how best to administer, etc). Daily Medication fee: $1 per med, and up to $5-10 fees for ears, eyes, skin ointments, injections and other medical care etc.  


All dogs must be at least 5 months of age to join our boarding program. Some exeptions can be made if they have the required vaccinations, please call to chat about your puppie's needs. We do not recommend boarding for geriatric dogs. 


All dogs must be Spayed or Neutered by 8 months of age. 


We will only release your dog to people listed on your boarding contract, if you know someone new is picking up your dog, please have us add them to your account. 



Distemper (DHPPV, DHPP, DA2PP, or DA2PPV)


Negative Fecal Float

Monthly Flea & Tick Preventative

Canine Influenza vax is highly recommended for 2024

Facebook and Social Media

We get to look at cute doggies all day long and think you should, too! Our fabulous PackLEADERS take pride in their pho-dog-raphy skills and are happy to share their gems with BDI's wide FB audience. This fun activity allows us to share a glimpse of the daily activities. Keep in mind, each guest is having a super-duper time even if it's not captured on camera! *If you need a pic of your baby daily, sign them up for Play Pals for the only guaranteed daily pic.

Follow us here!                    And here!                  Enjoy! 

Holiday Hours

We are closed to the public over these holidays 2024:

Memorial Day - 5/27

Independence Day - 7/4

Labor Day - 9/2

Indigenous Peoples Day - 10/14

Thanksgiving & Black Friday 

11/28 & 11/29

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

12/24 & 12/25

New Year's Eve 12/31

New Year's Day - 1/1

Can my puppy stay at the Inn?

We welcome puppies who have completed the full series of vaccinations, including the rabies vaccine, no less than 72 hours (three days) prior to their scheduled stay. Our puppy care overnight boarding programs provide the essentials your puppy needs during this critical development stage. We will watch over your "little one" with extra TLC, special attention and nurturing activities designed to help ensure he or she grows into a confident adult dog. To ensure the utmost health and happiness of your puppy, participation in our puppy care is required for overnight puppy guests 18 months and younger. Puppy boarding is +10 per night as well as daycare for practice daycare days before big stays! We add extended activity time to their day to give them the attention and extra exercise needed for a balanced stay :-) We love our pups! 

Puppy Care Includes:
Meals three periods with proper additional break time for digestion.
Additional daytime outside potty breaks to reinforce good housebreaking habits.
Extra care and attention to enhance socialization skills.
   Sani-cleans for clean tushes! 
             Special puppy boarding accommodations and bedding to ensure puppy guests enjoy a safe, healthy and  comfortable visit!
Safe toys and teethers for boredom busters and fun!
Complementary extra play/activity session
Late night potty break!


We require reservations for boarding. Once you are enrolled, you can make reservations online, call or stop by in person.  MAKE ONE FOR YOUR BABY, HERE! We require deposits for each and every stay, deposits are non-refundable. Book your dog's stay as early as you would for flights and hotels - we book up early and fast! 

For example: Brown Dog typically has waitlists going during peak season May 26 - September 30, most ski weekends, School Vacation Periods, Graduations, and ALL holidays. It's best to plan in advance! 

Cancellation Policy & Deposits

Meet & Greets

By appointment only, once we have recieved your Registration Form/Vet Records, we are happy to greet you and meet your pup! Drop off 8-10, pick up 3-5pm. They are scheduled Mon - Thurs, cost $45 per dog evaluation. The goal is to assure that all guests are comfortable, can follow the packleaders & show no signs of aggression. PLEASE NOTE- the close proximity to our neighbors requires that we also assess for excessive barking (especially at night time). Most dogs leave happy, waggy, tired and beggin' to come back!


Owners must bring their own food to avoid changes in the dog’s diet which can lead to increased stress and stomach issues. Individual meals must be packaged in zip-lock bags per length of stay. Larger containers for stays longer than 10 days are accepted. Edible treats are welcome. No rawhides allowed. 

If you do NOT bring food for your dog, you will be charged $6 per meal for our house food (Taste of the Wild: Adult/Puppy or Grain-free formulas available).

Please refrain from bringing glass/ceramic containers of any kind

Brown Dog provides all dishes and bowls, measuring scoops.


The safety of your dog is our top priority. For that reason, we have a ZERO tolerance aggression policy. If your dog shows aggression toward any other dogs or humans at the Inn, they will be removed from play and will not be allowed back into the group play setting. It is case dependent if they can return to board again. We understand that a group play environment is not good for each and every dog, which is why we offer solo walks and playtime for those that sometimes do not play well with others. 

Folks book with us in advance, just as they do for other travel accommodations, flights, hotels, concerts and events, etc. Reach out to the front desk if you need help with planning your pupcations with us!


 •Non-refundable, Non-transferable 50% deposits required for all boarding reservations. 

If you don't feel comfortable with this, we kindly ask that you do not reserve your spot just yet. We are a small business and we love what we do. Thank you for helping us accurately plan for our staff and our fur-families.


•Cancelations made 30+ days from arrival will be forwarded to future stays with us (within 1 year). All others will be forfeited. 

•We request 72 hours notice for any holiday cancelation to avoid being charged in full. 

•No-shows will recieve full charge to your account for the reserved room & services. 


Extending a stay? No problem! Whether due to flights, weather, family emergencies, etc, it is our pleasure to take the stress away and take care of everything for you!  

Shortening a stay? Please provide us with at least 14 days from your check-in to make adjustments in order to avoid being charged in full for the dates originally booked. 

Holiday/Peak Season Nightly Rates +$10/dog

Thanksgiving week

Xmas break

Feb & April School Vacation 

Peak Season - 5/26 - 9/15

Indigenous Peoples, Veteran's & MLK 

During peak times nightly rates increase by $10 per dog to help compensate for increased costs and special pay for those doggone amazing staff members who work over our busiest times. Thank you for your understanding and appreciation for those who assist your dogs in having as much fun (or more!) as you are while you're away! 


Easily sanitized and soft on those paws! No more chewing rocks, woodchips or sticks. No muddy paws jumping into the car! = AWESOME! 

We are a PEANUT-FREE facility!

We have staff members that are allergic! Please refrain from bringing anything that contains peanuts into the Inn. 


Rabies, Distemper (frequently written as DHPPV, DHPP, DA2PP, or DA2PPV on your pet’s health records), and Bordetella (kennel cough) Vaccines (6 month or yearly). **We highly reccommend the Canine Influenza vaccine for 2024 for those who are eligible. 

A clean fecal float is also required, and must have been performed in the past 6 months. Titer protection may be substituted for the distemper and parvovirus vaccinations.

BDI requires a veterinarian certificate indicating proof of vaccinations for at least 10 days prior to boarding.

Please send records to OUR EMAIL: INFO@BROWNDOGINN.COM                     We like to save paper :) 

Non-social dogs/ Aggressive dogs

The Brown Dog Inn is designed for highly social dogs. While we absolutely accomodate dogs that prefer the company of humans by offering 1 on 1 activities and by keeping our play groups as small as possible, we are currently not accepting guests that are unable to consistently remain safe/calm around other dogs, ie non-social and aggressive dogs. If you have questions about this, or your dog's history is unknown please reach out and we can discuss. We love ALL DOGS and that is why we also believe a boarding environment is not right for each and every dog. 


Being a small business, we prefer cash or check when possible! :) We accept Cash, Check, Mastercard, Discover and Visa.

Please respect our hours, just as you would for any other business. Please do not ask our front desk staff to make exceptions.

We are caring for pups 365 days a year, 24 hours/day.

 There are no after hours pick-ups. Boarding dogs must be picked up before closing time each day. Any pup that is not picked up shall be tucked in for the night & be charged. If for any reason a pick up or drop off occurs outside our window daycare or nightly fee will be incurred.  No exceptions. WOOF!

Monday - Friday  

8AM - 10AM

3PM - 5PM 


Closed (To Humans!)


2PM - 4PM 

Open 24/7, 365 for the dogs! <3 

Although the lobby is closed daily from 10am - 3pm (Sundays, til 2pm), feel free email or call us anytime with questions or to recieve pet updates while you're away :-)